Black Rose Products initiated from ancient recipes that have been passed down from generations. Our products are developed from over 200 years of family recipes established by my great- grandmothers passed on to my grandmother and now to our generation. I noticed my grandmother’s skin as she aged never had any wrinkles, her skin was always smooth, hydrated and glows. I found out her secret was she only used Raw African Recipes to bathe, shampoo and moisturize. As I watched her closely I also noticed her skin rejuvenated from her African recipes. Till the day she passed away, at age of 100 years old, her skin remained ageless with not one wrinkle in sight. This realization triggered the foundation for Black Rose Raw Products. Our products are unprocessed, raw, pure, virgin and organic African products. Our recipes will hydrate and revitalize your skin instantly. My entire family use these products and when you try our product your skin will thank you.